Dan FitzSimmons

Location (city, state):  Cloverdale, CA 95425


Nearest major city:  Santa Rosa, CA



After learning about the multi-level failures of the Standard American Diet, Dan began studying nutrition using The Cornell Plant Based Nutrition Course, Vanderbilt University and UCSF courses and is currently certified as a Food for Life educator with the highly regarded Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Dan is also an instructor of Food Over Medicine with Wellness Forum Health team.  Knowing that food connects us all, he is passionately committed to being a facilitator between nutrition science and the public. He understands if learning to prepare tasty whole food plant based meals isn’t simple and enjoyable all the research is for naught so he strives to make learning empowering, practical and fun. Dan resides in a little town in Northern CA with his physician wife, rescued dogs, a bunch of bicycles, and scads of walking shoes!


Reason for becoming a Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor:  

After seeing the evidence and knowing we must assume more responsibility regarding our health, I feel that sharing what I have learned is a joyful obligation!


Email address  PBDhealth@gmail.com


Phone number  513.218.1822 (c)