Giovana Vommaro

Location (city, state): Worldwide, as long as it has internet access. 

Nearest major city: Vienna, Austria

My last four professional years were dedicated to the food industry; working for one of the world’s biggest meat exporters. After seeing how they work from the inside out, I’ve decided to help people stay away from overly processed food, and to reduce their dependence on animal products.

By doing the transition to a healthy and compassionate eating lifestyle, I ended up improving a lot more than just my health. My perspective on many aspects of life: success, happiness, body image, food, and well-being were totally reshaped.

After seeing what basic changes in the everyday eating habit could do for me, I decided to deepen my knowledge of plant-based nourishment. ​

Nowadays I’m working on changing people’s relationship with food to attain a healthy life, and by that I mean being in harmony with yourself, your image, and your goals.


Reason for becoming a Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor:
After reading Dr. Popper’s book, Food over Medicine, I was amazed by her knowledge and thrilled to see that everything I was experiencing by having a Plant Based diet had a scientific background.  After taking her course I saw myself even more confident to share everything I’ve learned.

Email address:

Phone number: +43 680 1102597