Jane Tabone

Location: Bellerose, NY

Nearest major city:  Manhattan


Background:  Jane Tabone lives and works in New York City as a freelance grant writer. In addition to grant writing, Jane also enjoys program planning. She has an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas and in 2014 received her Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from New York University. As part of her coursework, she spent 2-1/2 months in South Africa studying community health among low-income populations. Jane’s passion is to empower individuals to become more knowledgeable about their food choices and to become more informed consumers of healthcare services. She became a Wellness Forum Health Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor in November 2016.


Reason for becoming a Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor:  Several reasons come to mind for my decision to become a Certified Food Over Medicine instructor. First, Wellness Forum Health provides unbiased, evidence-based, and up-to-date data that support its recommendations; thus I am confident that I am sharing sound and accurate information. Secondly, presentation of the data is provided in a format that lay people can easily understand, allowing them to assess the information they are receiving and determine their best course of action. Lastly, it provides members with continuing education resources such as newsletters, videos, workshops and certification programs to stay knowledgeable.


Email address:   jtab2011@gmail.com


Phone number:    718-916-9993