Jennifer Mowrer

Location (city, state):  Toledo, OH

I am a certified K-8 teacher, life coach, health/wellness/energy coach, and hula hoop instructor.  I most recently left my elementary teaching career to focus on building my business called My Energy Shift (  I just started a blog about health, hula hooping, and nutrition, as well as documenting my life changes – my real life energy shift — in an effort to inspire others.  I am also a Reiki Master Practitioner.  I do Reiki healing sessions and Reiki classes/attunements.

Reason for becoming a Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor:
I am passionate about helping people understand how to change their eating habits to a plant based diet because I know it will help them feel better.  I believe that many people can and will make positive eating choices if they are given the right information and the tools to make them successful.

Email address:

Phone number:  330-464-2014