Rebecca Kelly

Location (city, state): Canandaigua, NY

Nearest major city: Rochester, NY

As a Registered Nurse of 20 (plus) years, I am working to breathe life back into real physical and emotional health through living and promoting Whole food plant-based: food, love & truth.

Reason for becoming a Certified Women’s Health Instructor:
Women have always intuitively known and understood what their (our!) bodies need throughout all stages and cycles. With “advances” in medicine over the last century, our voices both inner and outer have been quieted and as a result, many women no longer trust what their bodies are telling them.

My desire to become an instructor in Women’s health was both personal and global: to empower women with the knowledge and confidence to once again listen and feel what their bodies tell them; and to trust themselves with what they hear. This knowledge will strengthen the physical and emotional health of everyone and especially for future generations.

Email address:

Phone number: 585-350-9149