Tracey Bell

Background: Bachelor Applied Science, Certified Yoga & Pilates Teacher, currently completing an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.


Location Lake Tekapo, New Zealand & Perth, Western Australia

I have been an environmental sustainability professional for over 20 years, specializing in community environmental education programs. After learning about the impacts of our current food systems on global warming and global depletion, I became convinced that this was a key area with the greatest potential for significant positive behavior change. My interest has now expanded into researching and sharing the benefits of a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet in improving human health, the health of the planet and the welfare of animals.

Reason I became a Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor:

I am passionate about leaving the world a better place and how our everyday behaviours and actions profoundly affect the health of the planet and its inhabitants. The Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle movement has the greatest potential to elicit real and lasting positive changes in society and the global community at large. I am also passionate about animal welfare and dream of a future where animals are revered as sentient beings instead of commodities. I want to be part of the growing movement that educates, inspires and empower peoples to take their health into their own hands, for the benefit of themselves, current and future generations.


Email address:


Phone number:   0064 3680 6514      

Cell:  0064210 242 2618