Vickie Dreiling

Location: Youngstown, Ohio


Nearest major city: Cleveland, Ohio


I graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a Bachelor’s degree in biology. I have been an athlete all my life and have always considered myself a “healthy” person and judging from my appearance I look like one too. I was exploring options to further my education that included PA school, ND school, and RD school. I picked up the book Food Over Medicine, read it in 2 days, and then had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Popper about my future. I then made the decision to enroll at the Wellness Forum Institute and I have loved every second of it so far. When I’m not working or doing class work I enjoy to run, cook and read.


Reason for becoming a Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor:

As I said I had always thought of myself as a healthy person, but I was so far from it. I thought I was taking care of myself in many ways when I was actually hurting my health. Becoming a FOM instructor will allow me to educate others on how to truly be healthy and to establish a diet that is sustainable for the rest of your lifetime.


Email address

Phone number   330-559-7313