What’s New

I’m teaching some wonderful new certification courses in 2018! If you are interested in learning more about these or purchasing a package of courses (you can save a lot of money enrolling this way!) just send an email to pampopper@msn.com.


Sports Nutrition  –  $495

Topics include sports nutrition overview, exercise and metabolism, nutrient requirements for child and adults athletes, hydration, dispelling the protein myths, body composition and energy balance, dietary supplements for athletes, sports-specific nutrition, diet and the professional athlete. Note: This course will be taught live winter semester through the Institute, after which it will be available for self-study on a video platform.


Dietary supplements  –  $395

Topics include history of vitamins and supplements, nutrients in food vs supplements, DRI and RDA,  deficiency diseases, constructive use of supplements in the treatment of disease  Note: This course will be taught live winter semester through the Institute, after which it will be available for self-study on a video platform.


Igniting the Curiosity Gene: Research and Writing  –  $795

This course will start in February, last for several months, and will consist of classes followed by research/writing assignments. The objective is to teach students how to find information, assess accuracy, apply what is learned to both personal health and helping others, and to learn to create workshops and write articles based on sound scientific evidence.


Autoimmune diseases  –  $495

Topics include overview of immune function; causes of AID including allergies, asthma, vaccinations, hormones, environment, genetics; traditional treatment of AID, diet and AID, diet and alternative therapies in the treatment of AID. Note: This class will be taught live during summer or fall semester, after which it will be made available on a video platform.


Understanding Psychological Disorders  –  $695

Includes information about PTSD, Psychosis, Depression and Despair, Bipolar, Anxiety (includes OCD and panic disorder), ADHD and Behavior Disorders in children, Addiction.


Also – I’ve created a new comprehensive program for teaching health professionals how to build a successful practice. This new program can be completed in 18-24 months (or longer – this is a highly personalized program that allows you to go at your own pace), and leads to both competence and confidence in helping people to improve their health. This is available to everyone ranging from those who have no healthcare training to medical doctors.

You will learn:

  •  How to read and interpret published studies and other health information in order to guide evidence-based decisions regarding health
  • How to use a comprehensive, whole person approach to improving health outcomes for your clients/patients
  • How to operate a collaborative and education-based health-related practice
  • How to develop a profitable and sustainable business/practice

You do not need any prior education or experience in the healthcare field in order to enroll in this program


If you’d like to explore this opportunity, just send an email to me at pampopper@msn.com and we’ll set up a time for a phone call.