Beth Perera Women’s Health

Location: Columbus, OH (Upper Arlington)

About Beth:
Beth has been interested in health and nutrition since 2009 when she was able to reverse some chronic health issue with simple diet changes. She earned her Certificates in Plant-Based Nutrition, Starch-based Nutrition, Food Over Medicine and is also a Food For Life instructor for The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.  Beth recently moved back to Columbus, OH after years of living elsewhere, including CA, TX, LA, GA, NY and VT. She has two grown daughters, Kaitlin and Rachel.

Reason for becoming a Certified Women’s Health Instructor:
With more than half the world’s population being female, it only makes sense to know how to properly educate women on how to effectively take care of their bodies and avoid the potentially painful and nuisance conditions that plague so many women. Too often, women are tossed into the medical mill and made lifetime patients when there’s nothing medically wrong with them. Beth is eager to share the information that can keep women healthy and informed from puberty to menopause and beyond.

Email address:

Phone number:  (802)342-2946