Magdaline Caradimitropoulo

Location: Boxborough, MA

Nearest major city: Boston, MA and Worcester, MA

Dena Caradimitropoulo is a graduate candidate for her Masters of Nutrition Science and Policy at the Tuft’s University Friedman School of Nutrition.  She is a licensed nutrition and wellness counselor who graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC.  She is a Food Over Medicine and Women’s Health certified instructor from the Wellness Forum and is also a Juice Plus+ educator.  Dena is passionate about teaching individuals and families that “food is thy medicine” and that they can take charge of their health through informed nutritional choices.  Dena coaches from the perspective that optimal nutrition, healthy relationships, regular physical activity, and a spiritual or meditation practice can fill your soul, fortify your immune system, eliminate your chronic symptoms, and help you live a long, diagnosis-free, and prescription-free life.

Reason for becoming a Certified Women’s Health Instructor:
Women are generally the family leader for medical issues and women are often encouraged to endure unnecessary procedures and diagnostic tests.  Both of these situations inspire me to educate and inform women about the science behind the medicine.

Email address:

Phone number: 978-266-1880