Permanent Weight Loss

ScaleNot a 21-day plan, but a plan for the rest of your life!


Been overweight for a long time?  Lost weight, gained it back again, and feel you’re getting nowhere?  Do you know what you are supposed to do but can’t seem to make yourself do it or stick with it?  You’re not alone – most people are just like you.  The reasons – we tend to spend time on the wrong things, and we get all excited about doing something for a short period of time rather than thinking about the long term. The fact is that anyone can do almost anything for a few weeks to a few months – the problem is what to do for the rest of your life!

Right now, you don’t need another nutrition class, another program, or another temporary diet plan.  You need a completely different approach. So instead of talking endlessly about what to eat (you know that already!!), or telling you to exercise more (you also know you’re supposed to do that too!), we focus on the cause of the problem – the way you think about many things, like food, eating, your health, your priorities, and other important life issues. Changes in thinking result in changes in behaviors, which then lead to changes in weight and health – permanent changes – so you won’t have to keep starting all over again. You can do this!  And we promise this series will change your life.

Our Permanent Weight Loss Program will give you specific activities to do every day that will help you to make permanent changes in the way you think and act with regard to food. Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • Why willpower does not work for anyone for changing any habit
  • Why portion control can’t and won’t work
  • Simple scheduling tips that will help you to find time to do everything you want to do, including health promoting habits, without chaos and stress
  • How to identify self-destructive thoughts and change them so you can succeed not only in losing weight but in other areas of your life too
  • How to enjoy eating again without guilt and fear
  • How to get others to help you instead of undermining you
  • How to stay motivated after the “newness” wears off

Includes 5 instructional CD’s with 24 key concepts and how to apply them easily to your daily life, a detailed 24-module workbook for note taking, journaling, and to keep you on track, and two 2-hour live conference calls per month facilitated by Chef Del Sroufe, who has lost 200 pounds and kept it off for 5 years, a remarkable feat!

Tuition is only $396


Get started now – the sooner you start, the sooner your weight and other issues will be behind you!

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